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Student Support

WLCBMS provides academic, welfare and career planning support to students for intellectual and personal growth. We have adopted a student centred approach in which access to high-quality support is provided across a range of areas to meet their needs.

We aim to provide support on academic guidance to enable students to make well-informed decisions and future progression into work or advanced study. The Student Welfare service is available to all students who may be experiencing problems such as difficulties with coursework, problems settling in, homesickness, bullying, financial difficulties, health issues, family problems, abuse.

The WLCBMS commitment offers:
• Someone to listen - and offer confidentiality.
• Someone to offer advice and recommend support.
• Someone to provide relevant Information.
• Someone to refer you to a professional counsellor if appropriate.

Who to talk to?
The course lecturer, student welfare officer or Principal and, if appropriate a referral to an outside professional will be offered.

Student Finance:https://www.gov.uk/student-finance Disability Students' Allowance (DSAs)
Dyslexia Depression Sexual Assault
Anxiety Alcohol