Alumni Quotes

Mr Ahmad Zafar, IAM Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Administrative Management Ahmad - Alumni
My experience of studying at West London College of Business and Management Sciences can be summarised as intellectually stimulating and academically challenging. The Diploma and Advanced Diploma programmes on Administrative Management provided an excellent insight on contemporary issues in professional administration along with human resource management which helped me develop my management and decision making skills and equipped me with knowledge and confidence that helped me focus on and progress my education further for my final year at the university for BA (Hons) Business Management and for MSc in International Management.
The institute’s management provides excellent support for the students to settle in the environment. The library and computing facilities are excellent resources provided by the institute and very beneficial for the students doing research along with the guidance of knowledgeable and professional academic staff.
Thanks to multi-cultural environment at the college, the experience of student life is fun and exhilarating. I have met many interesting people from all over the world and made some great friends over the years - an important experience for me as an international student.

Ms Manpreet Kaur, EDEXCEL Level 7 BTEC diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Manpreet Kaur - Alumni
I joined WLCBMS in 2010 and completed my EDEXCEL Level 7 BTEC diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.
The entire year I spent in WLCBMS was an amazing experience. The teachers were great and they helped me in every way to make sure I completed my assignments. All the teachers shared their own experiences of student life and gave many examples that made my life easier.
I use the knowledge gained in my assignments and then in dissertation, for which I have been awarded with the masters degree of business management and administration.
I am so glad that I joined WLCBMS, I have learnt many things!!!!

Ms Jatinder Kaur, EDEXCEL BTEC HND in Business (management) Jitendar Kaur - Alumni
I am from India and I have recently finished my EDEXCEL BTEC HND in Business (management) from West London College Business & Management Sciences. My experience at the college was so memorable; I was so excited to meet new people. College felt like a liberation for me, since I was far away from my family, it was my first time to be separated from them.
I met wonderful friends at college and the management were very helpful. College is like a test run of the rest of our life. It’s a training ground on how to be successful and become good human being.
The environment of college was cool and amazing. There were people here from all over the world with their different sense of fashion and style has made this campus special to me. For me, college was not about making friends or majoring in a bunch of subjects I will never use, or joining tons of clubs, college was about developing a stronger work ethic and testing the limits of my personal ambition.
I enjoyed a lot at college and the Principal was very kind and helpful. I learnt so many new things about my own personal development and how I can develop my communication with others. My teachers were very helpful. I had great time at West London College of Business & Management Sciences!!

Mr Ojikutu, Gbadebowale Quam, EDEXCEL BTEC Level 7 Advanced Professional Diploma in Management Ojikutu Quam - Alumni
West London College of Business and Management Sciences proved to be the right place for me. It propelled me onto my MBA program where I scored a distinction in Management Research. I call West London College of Business and Management Sciences my family. They helped me settle and focus while on study as an international student. The post-study support I received helped me in my endeavors. Truly, I made the right choice!

Ms Gullshan Bano, EDEXCEL BTEC Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership Gulshan Bano - Alumni
WLCBMS provides students with plenty of flexibility to explore their talents and discover new world outside. If I were asked to summarize my college in a single sentence then I would say that a great place for students to prepare for their future.